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10 Quick Tips for Summer Eye Care

Now that the summertime is finally here it’s time to ensure you keep your eyes protected from the risks of UV exposure and other summertime dangers.

Here are some pointers on remaining safe in the sun:

  1. Make sure your glasses have proper UV protection. If your sunglasses don’t guard against 100% of UV rays, they may be causing more harm than benefit.  Not to fear, 100% UV protection doesn’t mean a higher price – many cheaper products offer complete UV defense.

  2. Opt for larger shades. When choosing sunglasses, the larger the better. Look for a pair with large lenses (which are fortunately in fashion) and wraparound frames.

  3. Wear a wide brimmed hat. A wide brimmed hat will block the sun before it reaches your eyes.

  4. Wear sunglasses when the sun is hidden. Even when the sun doesn’t seem to be shining, UV rays are still able to penetrate the clouds and harm your eyes. Don’t be deceived by the clouds.

  5. Invest in a sturdy sunglasses case. Your sunglasses are a precious commodity and should be treated accordingly. It’s worthwhile to keep them in a closed place to reduce the chances of mishaps.

  6. Drink a lot. Consuming at least 8 cups of water a day will not only keep you and your skin hydrated but it will keep your eyes moist and hydrated as well.

  7. Avoid the afternoon sun. Stay inside as much as possible especially in the late morning and afternoon when the power of the sun and UV in the atmosphere are at a peak.

  8. Consider purchasing polarized lenses. Polarized lenses minimize the glare from reflective surfaces such as water. Perfect for water sports, beaching or driving, they offer more comfort during outdoor activities.

  9. Wear swimming goggles to keep bacteria and swimming pool chemicals from entering your eyes. Because sunlight reflects off water you can get a double exposure to UV so make sure swimming goggles block UV as well.

  10. Apply sunscreen carefully. If applied near the eyes it can enter the eye and cause discomfort.