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Winter Dry Eye Syndrome… No Need to Suffer

Although you may refer to winter as the wet season because of the rain and snow, the air is actually more dry in the winter, which often causes your eyes to be more sensitive.

Our optometry team is here to assist you in selecting the best options to hydrate your eyes during the arid winter months. Even before you step outside you can prevent dryness by using a humidifier. Optometrists suggest using humidifiers in rooms with forced air heaters, which can decrease moisture from the air.

In addition, make sure to take extra protective measures once you step outside into the cold air. Keep your eyes shielded by putting on a hat with a brim and wearing sunglasses. Always try your best to guard your eyes from the swirling winds to prevent them from drying out your eyes.

If your dryness is persistent you may want to consider lubricating eye drops which may help treat the irritating symptoms of dry eyes. Consult with your optometrist prior to starting to use eye drops to ensure they are suitable for your symptoms.

Remember that if you use contact lenses it’s important to be extra cautious in the winter. If able, use rewetting drops frequently. Lenses are dependent on moisture and are required to remain lubricated to retain their shape. If they begin to dry out, the lenses can lose their form and stick to your eyes, which causes pain and blurriness. So let your lenses drink up...  and make sure to keep them moisturized this winter. With a little awareness and planning, you can avoid the dangers of the harsh elements and keep your eyes safe and cozy the whole season!